Mayhem: a juried competition & music festival for Oakland based musicians, presented by Awaken Cafe & Oaktown Indie Mayhem (formerly Oaktown Music Festival).

How the Contest Works

  1. During the nomination period, anyone can nominate a song or video.
  2. One nomination in each category per person.
  3. Nominations should be for a single song or music video that best epitomizes the band or solo artist's sound and image and represents the Best of Oakland!
  4. For the Song categories, only a direct link to a single track on Soundcloud or Bandcamp will be accepted.
  5. For the Music Video category, only a direct link to a single track on Youtube or Vimeo will be accepted.
  6. For the Music Video category, nominations must be for produced music videos (no videos containing unedited footage from a live set will be accepted).
  7. For the Solo Artist Category, nominated songs must be performed entirely by one solo artist (no accompanying or background musicians). Producers may count as a solo artist if the nominated track is made exclusively by one person, but includes sampled or compiled works by others musicians not intended specifically for use in that track. The Mayhem Producers will have the ultimate say on whether a song qualifies in the Solo Artist category.
  8. Nominees must be an Oakland Band i.e. band must publicly claim Oakland on their website, Facebook and/or other social media as their home town OR the band members must reside in Oakland.
  9. Nominees must be an Independent Band i.e. band cannot be signed to a major record label, and cannot have headlined a major national venue (e.g. the Fox Theater, the Fillmore, etc).
  10. The Mayhem Producers will have the ultimate say on whether a band qualifies as Oakland-based and/or Independent. 
  11. 25 nominees in each category will become finalists and be sent to the jury. The 25 finalists in each category will be made up of the 5 most nominated songs or videos in each category plus 20 songs or videos selected by the producers from amongst all nominated songs and videos.
  12. Once the nomination period ends, the jury will meet three nights in October. Each night the jury will listen to/watch the 25 finalists in each category and will rate each entry 1 to 10. Tracks or videos receiving the highest cumulative scores will become the winners. Any ties will be decided with a run off.
  13. For the Under-18 and Greater Bay Area categories, a small group of Mayhem producers will review, rate and select the winners.
  14. The Mayhem Producers reserve the right to disqualify any nominated song or video if it includes hateful, demeaning or excessively offensive content; subpar production quality; ballot stuffing is suspected; or is otherwise deemed to not be suitable for the Mayhem Festival.